Why SkyHi?

So simple, it seems too good to be true.

It's 2020, and travel is different

For decades, online travel agencies have promised to get us the right price for airfare. We spend hours searching and once we book, unsure if prices will change the next day.

With SkyHi, you’ll never experience that uncertainty again. With just a few guidelines, SkyHi is able to offer flights that get you where you want to go, without the hassle of booking weeks in advance.

No more pricing games. Fly each month for a flat rate.

Spend less.

Fly more.

Pay less than most round trip tickets to fly up to 5 times per month. Stop thinking of how much it's going to cost. Just think about where you want to go.


Don't just travel.


Go more places each month. Use your membership to fly to new destinations each month. It will always cost the same amount.


Pick a place

and go.

Since members can hold up to two one-way tickets at a time, book your trip home or on to your next destination before you leave.


Sign up. Start Flying.

SkyHi - the flat rate flying club to whatever's next.

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